From The Hand of Fr. Aaron Ferris…For June 17, 2018

It occurred to me that after talking about summer reading, it might be worthwhile to offer some suggestions. There are any number of books that could be recommended, but these are going to be my personal favorites. We will begin by jumping into the lives of the saints.

My favorite in this category is St. Athanasius’ Life of Anthony. St. Athanasius lived in fourth century Egypt, and his life overlapped that of St. Anthony for several decades. Though not the first hermit or monk, St. Anthony is considered to be a father of monasticism in the Church. I don’t know what it is about the Life of Anthony, but I have always found it to be inspiring and encouraging.

Another classic from just after the Life of Anthony is St. Augustine’s Confessions. Widely considered to be the first autobiography in Western literature, St. Augustine tells the story of His conversion. One of the most compelling things about St. Augustine’s Confessions is his honesty about his sin. He pulls no punches, which makes the working of God’s grace in his life even more wondrous.

The next on the list is a collection of stories of the saints. The stories were collected in the Middle Ages in a book called The Golden Legend. The stories of the saints collected in The Golden Legend are meant to capture our imagination to help us grow in wonder and awe at the power of God alive in His saints. For summer reading for the whole family, this is a great place to start.

For those of you who might want a more intellectual bent for your summer reading, and something a little more contemporary, Blessed John Henry Newman wrote his autobiography, the Apologia Pro Vita Sua, in 1864. He was an Anglican priest who converted to Catholicism. Whereas St. Augustine converted from paganism to Christianity, Blessed Newman began as a firm believer in Christ, coming to a greater appreciation of the truth taught by the Catholic Church. A different approach than St. Augustine’s, but it makes for rich fare.

I hope this helps as a beginning.

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Rev. Aaron Ferris
Rev. Aaron Ferris
Rev. Aaron R. Ferris Ordination Date: June 6, 2009 Pastor, St. Anthony Parish (Saranac) and St. Mary’s Parish (Lowell) 402 Amity Street Lowell, MI 49331 Phone: 616-897-9820
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