From the Hand of Fr. Aaron Ferris…August 14, 2016

Father Aaron FerrisI have been here for a little over a month now, and I have gotten to know some of you. I know it will take me a while to get to know more of you, but one way to help that is for me to get some feedback from you on a couple things. This week and next week I have a couple questions for you to which I would really like to hear answers.

The question this week is: What do you have to offer? I don’t just mean good looks and a winning personality. I have those covered. What skills and talents do you have, what experience do you have, what knowledge do you have, that could be put to use here in the parish community and maybe even in the larger community?

This question is pretty broad because I would like to hear what resources we have in our midst. Maybe there are accountants, and maybe those accountants would be willing to help families who are struggling to make sense of their finances. Maybe there are couples who have a great deal of experience with working through troubled marriages and want to use that experience to help others. Maybe there are some people with more hands-on skills, like sewing, who might be interested in making things for the parish. Maybe there are people with a lot of free time that simply need to be put to work. Maybe…fill in the blank.

I ask this question, first so I can get to know you better. We all have different skills and abilities. These things are not the sum total of who we are, but they are important parts of who we are. Our experiences have been shaped by God’s grace, and our talents and abilities are His gifts to us; they are part of us. Also, many people tell me things after Mass, which is nice, but I generally do not remember a lot from those encounters. This way I do not have to rely on my faulty memory.

The second reason I ask this is because I have often in the past been asked by people for help, or needed help myself with something around the parish, and I didn’t know who to ask. It may be something simple (a new mother needs some advice from a more experienced mother); it may be something fairly routine (I might need someone with construction experience who can do periodic inspections of the facility). It might not even be a need, but your skill might be an opportunity for the parish (you play an instrument that would enhance the liturgy).

What do you have to offer? You can e-mail the office; you can call; you can send a letter; you can drop a note in the weekend collection. Please, let me know so that I can get to know you better, and so we can grow together as a parish.

Rev. Aaron Ferris
Rev. Aaron Ferris
Rev. Aaron R. Ferris Ordination Date: June 6, 2009 Pastor, St. Anthony Parish (Saranac) and St. Mary’s Parish (Lowell) 402 Amity Street Lowell, MI 49331 Phone: 616-897-9820
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