From The Hand of Fr. Aaron Ferris…For May 20, 2018

Last week I wrote briefly about talking in church and a lack of charity towards God. You may have thought this a little harsh, but I think it bears continued consideration. We are going to continue this theme because it matters.

Not only does talking in church bespeak a lack of charity towards God, but it is also a lack of charity towards our neighbor. We start with the premise that God, Jesus, is present in our midst in the Tabernacle. People come to spend some time with Jesus. For many, before and after Mass on the weekend is the only time during the week that they will be in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord. We should be creating a space for them to spend time with the Lord.

Not only is the Lord present in the Tabernacle, but He is intimately present to us in the Eucharist we have received. The Lord’s Eucharistic Presence remains in us, literally, until the structure of the Body and Blood (bread and wine) cease to be. There is no absolute time for this, but the digestive process takes about ten minutes to break down the host. This means that Jesus is physically present in you for ten minutes!

Maybe you are attentive to the Lord literally present within you, but it also behooves us to make time and space so that others can spend time being attentive to Jesus. Again, for many, even though Mass is offered every day, this will be their only time to be so intimate with the Lord for the whole week. What a great act of charity it is to give our brothers and sisters the time and opportunity to be with the Lord in such an intimate fashion without being disturbed by our conversations about the weather.

Rev. Aaron Ferris
Rev. Aaron Ferris
Rev. Aaron R. Ferris Ordination Date: June 6, 2009 Pastor, St. Anthony Parish (Saranac) and St. Mary’s Parish (Lowell) 402 Amity Street Lowell, MI 49331 Phone: 616-897-9820
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