From The Hand of Fr. Aaron Ferris…For May 27, 2018

As I am sure you well know, this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, the semi-official beginning of summer. You know many people who are away this weekend opening up their cottages, going camping, and beginning the summer routines.

More important than the beginning of summer is the honor we are called to pay to the men and women who have died in service of this country. We would not be here, and we would not enjoy the great blessings of this nation, without their sacrifice. As wonderful as summer in Michigan can be, good things, truly good things, come through sacrifice. Your very life and well being came from your parents’ sacrifice. Your education and success at work required years of sacrifice. There is a cost to us for what  ruly matters.

The same is true for this nation. We enjoy great blessings of liberty; we enjoy great material wealth and prosperity; we live in a (relatively) stable environment, secure from many threats foreign and domestic. These are truly great things that most people for most of history have never enjoyed. We have them, in large part, because of the sacrifice of countless people for generations.

Jesus tells us in the Gospel of John: “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13) Jesus shows us the truth of this by laying down His life for His friends. In fact, Jesus does something even more; He lays down His life for His enemies. In sin we find ourselves opposed to God; Jesus died to break down that opposition, to restore us to communion with Him.

Those we remember this weekend also died for their friends, and for many people whom they didn’t know and will never know. We are the beneficiaries of their sacrifice, and we will never know their names or anything else about them. Even so, they have earned the right to be remembered, to be honored, to be celebrated, for their sacrifices. Whatever else you have going on, remember to stop and honor those who have died for you.

Rev. Aaron Ferris
Rev. Aaron Ferris
Rev. Aaron R. Ferris Ordination Date: June 6, 2009 Pastor, St. Anthony Parish (Saranac) and St. Mary’s Parish (Lowell) 402 Amity Street Lowell, MI 49331 Phone: 616-897-9820
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